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Adopting or purchasing an animal is a serious commitment that should not be entered into lightly. However, unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, or death can occur without warning. In such situations there may not be a viable family member or friend who can assume care for a pet. Pixie Mamas may be able to help rehome your dog.

We cannot accept aggressive dogs, dogs with severe fear aggression, or dogs with a bite history into our rescue as an owner surrender. We do not have the resources to rehabilitate these dogs. Although we have a "no kill" policy, these do not apply to aggressive dogs because our rescue can't afford to maintain non-adoptable dogs indefinitely. And keeping a dog indefinitely in a cage is no quality of life.

Your dog may be too aggressive if he:

* Has ever bitten a person (a dog that has bitten is likely to bite again)

* Bites without warning

* Has not bitten but only because he has been pulled away in time from his intended victim

* Is unpredictable

 If your dog is accepted by PMR, every effort will be made to place the dog into a permanent, loving home. Potential adopters will be assessed with the same scrutiny for your dog, as for all Pixie dogs.

Pixie Mamas is not a shelter. It is a group of volunteers who work with rescued dogs in our own homes. All costs associated with the care of our dogs come from the founders, the adoption donations, and from the generosity of donors. Veterinary care is just as expensive for us, as it is for you. It is unrealistic to expect us to assume all of the costs for the care for your sick or injured dog.

Pixie Mamas will make every effort to assist you in finding a new home for your dog. However, a foster home may not be immediately available.



·         Please contact Pixie Mamas before completing the surrender application to make sure that we have an opening for your dog. We are usually at maximum capacity, and dogs from shelters must take priority.

·         You must fill out and submit the surrender application.

·         The dog must weigh less than 12 pounds.

·         You must certify that you are the lawful owner of the dog, and provide any available ownership documentation such as Vet Records, AKC papers or purchase receipt.

·         You must be willing to sign a surrender certificate transferring ownership of your dog to Pixie Mamas.

·         You must be willing to provide copies of all of your dog’s health records, including a current certificate of vaccination and rabies tag. You must provide the name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian. You must contact your veterinarian and give him/her permission to talk to PMR about your dog.

·         You must email a picture of your dog in

·         You must be willing to make a donation to help with the expenses for your dog’s care, and towards preparing him/her for adoption.

·         If applicable, you must provide at least a one month supply of your dog’s medication.

·         Please provide your dog’s bed, and any toys that he/she enjoys playing with.



Please make an honest assessment of the quality of your dog’s life. If your dog’s health is failing, and he/she is suffering, please consider euthanasia. Please don’t send your dog to a shelter just to be euthanized. It is your responsibility to make decisions that are in your dog’s best interest, as hard as that may be. If your pet’s time has come, let him/her pass peacefully in your arms, and not on a cold table with a stranger.


Surrender Application

Please fill out this form completely and email it back to Pixie Mamas


Copy and Paste questions into an email to us. 

All questions must be answered. 

PO Box 176 •  Buffalo, NY 14220  •  info [ at ]