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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Pure joy.  There is no other way to describe this fluffy, happy girl.  She is a fur-covered love bubble looking for a place to land.  Star is a 13 lb. Havanese – or Havapoo, the jury is still out on that one.  She is white with natural earth tones, the colors of sand and stone.  Her hair is soft and thick with a bit of a curl – and she loves to scratched and petted.  She is 6 years old and came into rescue as a breeder surrender.  She made her share of gorgeous babies, but that full-time puppy duty is over now.   Star is just beginning the next chapter of her life – and this time, it’s all about her.


Star can be a little shy with new people – it can take her some time to warm up.  Once she knows you – and knows she can trust you – she will be your shadow.  When she is happy, she dances like she is on stage –  imagine the fun of Footloose mixed with the energy of Flashdance and the power of West Side Story + maybe some Miami Sound Machine & touch of Pitbull tossed in for some spice.  Those little paws are tap-tap-tapping & the tail is whipping back & forth – her happy dance is something to behold!  She gives you her crooked grin and you are instantly as happy as she is.


Star enjoys the company of other dogs and is just starting to learn how to play with them.  She is also watching closely to what they do and how they do it – Star is now just learning how to be a dog.  She will need another confident dog in her forever home to help her.  Her previous life didn’t allow for much socialization with other dogs – or humans – so life outside a cage is brand new.  She is learns quickly and loves to master new things.  She is very proud of her accomplishments and loves to show off.


Star is also working on her leash training.  She has the basics and enjoys it, but she will need more practice.  Being in the great outdoors is sometimes a little frightening, but she has an adventurous spirit and curious nature that cannot be denied & she is ready to go, go go!


Star is still working on her housebreaking.  She knows to go potty outside and copies the other dogs in her foster home that potty on the pads while her foster mom works.  Sometimes she is 100% on point…sometimes not so much.  It is a work in progress, but she improves every day.


When Star came into rescue, she had extensive dental damage.  Given the number of cracked and broken teeth, the vet removed them all. She recovered from the surgery even HAPPIER than she was when she arrived!  We believe that she must have had some mouth pain prior to the extractions.  Now that she has healed, she is actively seeking chin rubs and neck scratches at all times.  If you stop, she will bop you with a paw to remind you that the scratching isn’t finished! She may be toothless, but she rocks her new “gramma pout” and it hasn’t hindered her eating or her appetite.  She does get softened kibble or canned food for her meals, just to be safe.


Star has hair – not fur – so she will require regular grooming to stay beautiful and healthy.  Please be aware of this extra responsibility & cost when you are considering her for adoption.  All the ladies know it takes time, money and effort to look fabulous – we deserve it and so does Star!


Star has not been tested with small children or with cats.  

Star is spayed, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested neg. for heartworm.  She has also received a dental.  Her adoption fee is $450

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