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Do you know what handsome and loving looks like?  Well, here ya go - all that and more wrapped up into one hunk of a dog!  Donnie is a pit bull terrier from our local City of Buffalo Shelter.  He is about 2 - 3 years old.  

Donnie has it all!   He is as smart loving and kind as he is good-looking!   This guy is all pitty.  Pit bulls are not a breed for everyone due to their strong and extreme athletic nature so he will need a home that wants a big dog with energy to burn and a lot of love to give.  A knowledgeable bully breed home with proper containment is needed because Donnie can clear a 4 foot fence in one leap!  Donnie is currently living in a foster home with other dogs and cats.  He was extremely curious about the cats at first but after the proper introduction, they happily co-exist.  His kitty friends are used to dogs of all sizes and make the introduction easy so if you have a  cat not accustomed to a high-energy dog Donnie may not be the boy for you.

 Pit bulls can run a mile with you or just snuggle all day on the couch.  They need daily exercise with plenty of enrichment and chew toys.  Donnie just wants to be with you and please you.  Donnie is a true people pleaser! He loves doing tricks for treats and loves going out and about in public and greeting everyone he meets.  Maybe a little too much though -  we are working on that "no jump" on people when he meets them.  Honestly, he just wants attention and to give everyone a big hug!  Donnie is house and crate trained.  He walks nicely on a leash but is a strong walker.  Donnie is good in the car and loves to go for rides!

Even though Donnie coexists and lives with other dogs, he does not prefer to be challenged especially by other strong-headed male dogs.  If you considering adopting Donnie and currently have other dogs that tend to be more on the dominant side,  Donnie isn’t the one for you.

Donnie has to be hands down the best snuggler his foster family has met in a long time.  Big Don will keep you warm and safe all night.  If you prefer to not allow your pets on the furniture Donnie may not be a match. Donnie loves crawling under the blankets and watching Netflix with you.   

And let’s take a minute to look into this boy's eyes.  He has the most unique eyes, like marbles.  You could get lost in those babies!  

Donnie is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested beg, for heartworm.  His adoption fee is $200.  

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