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Leo is back up for adoption after addressing some additional medical care and there are some great changes to his profile! 

Leo is a tiny little Pekingnese that came to us from Texas! He was taken to the pound by his owner because he has some skin and ear issues.  Well, that's not acceptable!  Leo weighs about 10 pounds and some of his paperwork says he is 6 years but our vet thinks he is more like 2 or 3 years old because his teeth are in such nice shape!

Leo is a funny little boy that loves to keep watch over his foster mom's office - whether she is in it or not!  If a new dog wants to enter, Leo has to approve.  He will bark at them and give his opinion!  He loves to sleep in his crate or in a little dog bed.  He is good about going outside IF you take him out.  He does not go out voluntarily, he loves to be carried outside!. He also uses pee pads in his foster home.   Leo is ok with dogs, cats do not seem to bother him.  Kids are ok but he is not one to play with people so please keep that in mind.  He does like toys and will throw one around when the mood hits him.  Leo now walks on a leash and we are very proud of him!  Although slow going at first, he trods right along and will even potty when on a leash.  He has a fully fenced yard in his foster home and would like one in his new home but it is not required at this point.  (no invisible fences).  Leo is not a candidate for apartments.  He can be a barker when he wants but it's his gut-wrenching howl that is the problem!  Although adorable and quite funny when he gets going, we don't think close neighbors will find it quite as amusing as we do! 

Leo came to us with skin issues and a severe ear infection.  He's been seen by our vets several times and we believe we got it under control now.   He will need ongoing attention for his skin.  He did a round of steroids which helped immensely and is now on Apoquil every couple of days to keep his skin in check.   though.  He needs frequent baths and to stay on quality food (fish or beef-based is best)   Leo was also professionally groomed and will need regular grooming throughout his life.  

Leo is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested neg. for heartworm.  His adoption fee is $450


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