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Meet Boomer! Boomer is a 2  year old Dachshund mix and about 15 lbs.  He hails from Texas in hopes of finding a person to love forever!  Boomer is a fun little dog. He likes to play play play - toys are his favorite but other dogs aren’t so bad either!  

 Boomer is pretty much a one person dog. Once he picks that person he is extremely loyal and loving to that person always.  He is glued to his foster mom so much so that she has actually sat on him!  Typical Dachshund right?  He is always under foot, knows exactly where she is at all times and wants to be there to!

The perfect home for Boomer would be a single person or a couple who is okay with him being partial to only one of you (probably the female).  Boomer barks at new people initially but with correction, he stops.  He becomes receptive of them when they sit down and throw toys for him.  He even gives kisses to their hands just to say hi!  Someone who doesn’t need a social dog as he doesn’t like to go for walks or travel. Other dogs and cats are okay!

In case you didn’t get it from the last paragraph- Boomer does barks so No apartments for this boy. He will also require a fenced in yard because a leash absolutely terrifies him.  No invisible/electric fences. 

Boomer is now crate trained and housebroken as long as it’s not raining! He is kind of funny about being picked up from the ground and prefers you to get him from the couch.  His foster mom can pick him up and he allows it but you can tell he is not all that comfortable.  Maybe he's scared to be dropped?  His foster mom picks him up a lot during the day to get him used to it and he is becoming more tolerant to this.  He does not have a mean bone in his body and would never hurt you.  

 Overall Boomer is a nice dog! If you are looking for a cute little guy who can Enjoy a game of fetch or be just as content to sit on your lap and watch TV- This may be your guy.  He will thrive in a quieter home where he can just enjoy the person he loves!  In return you will get the most loyal dog who will make you his whole world!

Boomer is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested neg. for heartworm.  His adoption fee is $350

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