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Meet Winston and that smile says a lot He loves walks, car rides, cuddling on the couch and belly rubs His personality is VERY mellow and he has been with other dogs and children but not sure of cats He is kennel trained and housebroken He would be a warm addition to his forever home

Winston is about 7 years old and 62 pounds. He is a pit bull terrier mix.

Winston is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated. He tested positive for heartworm and has since been treated. Winston will need to remain on heartworm preventative for the rest of his life. The cost is just about $50-$75 a year depending on the brand you choose. Winston also has a small growth on his gums which was checked out by our vet. It is an Epulis and not a concern. His adoption fee is $350

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