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Frankie is a 2 to 3 year old Shepherd mix looking for a family to call his own. Frankie was pulled off the streets of Texas where we believe he spent most, if not all of his young life!  Frankie served as his mother's protector.  He defended her from all the strays in the streets trying to bully or breed with her.  He loved her very much which is why when we took Hazel (who has since been adopted) we could not bear to leave him behind. Unfortunately when we got Frankie we did find out along with his mother he was heartworm positive but he has since received treatment and is medically cleared for adoption.  Frankie is otherwise healthy and will just need to be on preventative for his life time. The medication is fairly inexpensive depending on the brand you choose, is easy to give (monthly) and he is very happy to take it with no problems. 

Frankie was always very sweet but very shy and timid with people.  He would hang his head and wait to see if you were going to be kind to him. Once he knew you were a nice person he turned into a giant puppy eager for attention! His foster family has spent countless hours socializing Frankie and showing him how amazing Humans can be.  It worked.  He is not that shy boy he once was and is very happy to meet and love on everyone. Frankie is so playful! He LOVES toys! If you give this boy a soft squeaky toy he will entertain you for hours! He also likes to cuddle when things quiet down   He will lay on the couch and let you snuggle him all night.  He enjoys gentle hugs and gives you so many sloppy kisses in return! 

Frankie is a loving, loyal, friendly, well-behaved and free-spirited dog.  He is completely crate trained and is very well-mannered on a leash walking right beside you with minimal pulling. He isn't thrilled about rain but when the sun is out Frankie does enjoy sunbathing to get a nice tan. Since he lived and is used to the outdoors his active nature in the yard wasn't a surprise but he truly is the best of both worlds. He is also mostly housebroken only marking on the first couple of days upon entering his foster house.  Please expect a few accidents with a new home and routine but know he will quickly pick up your schedule. Frankie has been around children but we would prefer older children in the home.  Frankie does listen very well and truly aims to please mostly for his rewards. He is a little more independent but does get super excited to play with his people. If you want to win him over just scratch him on his chest or give him a nice belly rub and wait for the leg twitching to begin. He is a little nervous getting into vehicles, understandably since he has moved across the country, but once he is in he is a very well-behaved copilot. Overall, if you're expecting an over-energized puppy, Frankie is not that but if you're expecting a stray street dog he is not that either. He is an awesome dog who wants what every other dog wants - a loving family to call his own.  

Frankie does need to be the only pet in the home. Frankie is very sweet to humans but like his mother has a very high prey drive. While in foster care Frankie has shown he is not safe to live with cats and although he does live with two other dogs he is very nervous around them and is unsure of himself. We know that Frankie would be happier as an only dog where he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder and worry every day.  We are also requiring one of two things for Frankie's home a very secure privacy fence so he won't be able to escape under over or through, or no fence and leash walks only when outside. This unfortunately is nonnegotiable due to Frankie's upbringing he is street-savvy and will want to go roam the neighborhood. This means no tie-out, chain link or electric (invisible) fence. Frankie will not want to attend playdates or go to local dog parks but that’s okay as he thoroughly enjoys his walks and that’s enough for him. If you think your family is a good fit for Frankie and can offer him the love and safety he has earned please apply. Frankie has been through more than any dog should be required to at such a young age. He just needs a family to show him the love he missed out on as a young puppy, the safety he was never provided, and an opportunity at a good life! In return, Frankie will reward you with unconditional love, a protector for your home, a cuddle partner, a playmate, and memories that you will never ever forget.

Frankie is neutered, up to date with vaccines, flea/worm treated and treated for heartworm.  Part of Frankie's adoption fee has been sponsored and is now $200

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