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Mama Sophia is ready for her new home!  As her puppies are heading off into their new homes, it is time for Sophia to find her family.  This Texas lady was very pregnant when rescued and came to us with 9 puppies!  Sophia has been an amazing mom to her pups!  She is a strange mix  - according to DNA done on one of her pups, she is a basset/rottie/husky/boxer mix! She is very low to the ground and about 50 pounds. 

Sophia is a great girl - she was definitely someone's dog at some point.  She is very sweet and gentle - she does jump up on you for attention but that really is it.  She walks very well on a leash and is crate trained!  Sophia is quite smart and is quick to pick up commands and learn new things.  She is teaching her pups the same.  Sophia is housetrained with almost no accidents except when her puppies were born.  She did use pads then.  Sophia is good with other dogs is playful with them!  She loves toys and chewies and will keep them all if possible!  She is a bit destructive with toys so sturdy ones are best. She has had no issues with the cats in her foster home.  Just a little curiosity.  We have found that she will bark at people on bikes when on a leashed walk - she just barks but boy, her bark is BIG!  She is a good watch dog by letting you know someone is around but that is as far as it goes - she is far too sweet and friendly!  Sophia loves to be brushed and groomed.  She would be a great family dog or a companion for someone that likes to have adventures and wants a sidekick!  We know her family or person is out there! 

Sophia is spayed, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested neg. for heartworm.  Her adoption fee is $350

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