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Adore (whom we call Dora) was a local girl who ended up in a shelter, heartworm positive.  She is a beautiful long-haired chihuahua at 8 years old and 9 pounds.  

Dora is what rescue calls a “plug in dog” as she can go to any home full of love and do just fine! She is pretty perfect! She LOVES people, she has been around young kids and a baby without any issues. Cats are fine and she LOVES to play with other dogs.  She is fostered with a few younger dogs and boy can she wrestle- the girl has skills! 

Dora does not need a fenced-in yard as she is leash trained and apartment life would suit her just fine as she is not a big barker! She is smart and figured out a doggy door in a day and seemed to adjust to her new home and family very quickly.  She has been mostly housebroken in her new home but she did have some accidents in the very beginning.  She is pee pad trained for cold rainy days but Dora does enjoy being outdoors so she will need walks if she doesn’t have a fenced yard to play in. 

Dora loves attention so much.  She will sit with you all day, every day, and is really the perfect companion.  If you stop petting her she will use her paw to ask for more. She is extremely food motivated and we have a feeling she was fed lots of “people food” in her old home.  If you go in the kitchen she will dance up a storm hoping you will throw something her way!  

Some quirks about Dora:  she hates men in boots, not the men so much but the boots.  You will definitely see a different side of Dora if a man in boots comes into the home.  You will need to put her behind a gate or crate her if you have work done to your home for example.  She is also terrified of mops and brooms- she will run on the couch and not take her eyes off you until you put it away.  

Dora did have heartworms when she came to us. She has been successfully treated but due to this, she does have some damage to her heart.  It is enlarged and she does have some exercise intolerance.  When she wrestles hard and for long periods she can begin coughing.  It is short-lived, but the vet said that she will need to be frequently monitored and will likely need to be on medicine soon.  Please take this into consideration before you apply for her.  

Dora has been a joy to foster!  She is so loving and deserves a family to love her back.  She is loyal and kind and very eager to please!  She gets along with everyone and just wants a couch and lap to call her own!  If you can offer Dora a wonderful home please apply- dogs like her don’t come around very often in rescue!

Dora is spayed, up to date with vaccines, microchipped and flea/worm treated.  Her adoption fee is $350

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