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Meet Boomer! Boomer is a 2  year old Dachshund mix and about 15 lbs.  He hails from Texas in hopes of finding a person to love forever!  Boomer is a fun little dog. He likes to play play play - toys are his favorite but other dogs aren’t so bad either!  

 Boomer has been in rescue for over a year now and boy has he blossomed!  He is a happy little dog with endless love to give and as many kisses as you can handle!  Boomer loves people when they come to visit his foster home!  If he really thinks your special, he will give you a toy to play fetch with!  He loves toys and is always carrying one around in his mouth.  He plays very well with the other dogs in his foster home and we really want him to have a canine friend in his new home but it is not required as long as he gets lots of playtime with his people.  But if there is another dog, Big or small, as long as they like to play he will be happy.  

Boomer is not leash trained and will require a fully fenced yard in his new home (no invisible fences though).  His foster mom has been working with though and he will walk for a little bit but it is more to follow her.  He is crate trained and does great with his housetraining - rain and snow are an issue though!  Please expect some additional training and adjustment time for him.  Kids are fine as long as they are respectful and kind and maybe like to throw a toy around for him.  Boomer is a cuddler - he likes attention and to snuggle up next to his foster mom on the couch.  He was very nervous about being picked up from the ground when he first came to us but has overcome that with his foster mom - in fact he is famous for jumping up into her arms at events now!  

Boomer does have a big bark when he wants to make a point.  Like most dogs, he will alert you if something is happening or someone new comes over.  But he quiets down quickly once corrected and is off and playing in no time.  

 Overall Boomer is a nice dog! If you are looking for a cute little guy who can Enjoy a game of fetch or be just as content to sit on your lap and watch TV- This may be your guy.  He is a loyal little companion and once he loves you, it's forever.  

Boomer is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated and tested neg. for heartworm.  His adoption fee is $350

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