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Oz is ready for adoption!  He is a beautiful brindle and whit French Bulldog. Oz is about 6 - 7 years old and weighs 25 pounds. He does have medical needs so please read his profile carefully. 

Oz came to us a few months ago with some major medical needs.  He had severe ear infections, a cauliflower ear, underweight and a major tumor on his front leg.  Fattening him up was easy! We took care of his ears but please understand that he will likely have issues in the future.  He will need to have his ears cleaned regularly and remain on a quality grain free diet as that has helped.  As for the mass, we had it removed and let him heal.  The mass was cancerous and will likely return.  But it is not a type of cancer that will spread internally.  So any lump or bump he gets needs to be looked at right away and biopsied.  

Now on to the good stuff!  Oz is a charming little toad!  He is definitely a foster favorite!  He loves people!  He loves to get attention and will be your best friend for some ear rubs.  Oz is crate trained but his foster mom hardly puts him in it any more.  Oz is leash trained.  He gets so excited when he sees the leash!  He is very good in the car too.  Oz is nicely housetrained but you do have to do some convincing to get him up in the morning.  Lazy bulldog!  Please expect some adjustment time though as he learns a new home and routine.  He does have a fully fenced yard in his foster home, which he loves in nice weather.   Oz is good with other dogs but like a typical bulldog, will give an occasional "get out of my space" jab, usually towards puppies.  Oz has no issues with cats, in fact they like to clean his face for him!  Oz gets his face washed by his foster mom to help keep his wrinkles and creases clean.  He loves that.  Oz comes when he is called and sits nicely for a treat.  Cheese is a favorite for this Frenchie. Oz makes lots of noises - he snores like a champ!  Bulldog experience is preferred but not required. 

A lot of people think they want a bulldog but do not realize that they are an expensive, quirky dogs!  Between food and vet care, please expect to spend more then you ever had on a dog.  Oz has many years left to him but only if he will be well taken care of.  We will not compromise on the home we are looking for him.    

Oz is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, and tested neg. for heartworm.  His adoption fee is $350

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