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Chihuahua (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Baby  : :  Small

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Learn more about the Chihuahua.

One of the best known blockbuster franchises in the Universe - From comic books to the big screen to new forever homes in Western New York!  Pixie Mamas welcomes the X-Men!

Mama Mystique was found abandoned in the street, nursing her 2 week old puppies.  Our rescue partners in Texas scooped up these undercover super heroes and handed them over to us for safe keeping.  Now that they are old enough, they are ready to enter the world and bring exciting new adventures to their families and face bold new challenges like going potty outside, not sleeping in the food bowl, and knowing exactly how many times you need to turn around in a circle before you can properly lay down on the blanket. 

Given the exceptionally difficult start these babies had, they are super heroes in the truest sense of the word.  Mama Mystique faced danger, hunger, pain and fear – and protected her children in those unsafe streets till she was rescued. They fed upon this strength and added their own powers of unconditional love, unbridled joy, and virtually endless puppy energy to the mix.  Do you have what it takes to adopt a super hero?  Do you have what it takes to love one of the X-Men?

Storm is one of the first – and greatest – female super heroes of all time. Every girl hits the point where you are just sick & tired of all that Barbie pink and need something with a little more substance. Storm is where millions of little girls have turned.  Storm controls the elements and is always in control of herself.  A perfect model of feminine strength and grace under pressure.

Our Storm is the tiniest baby in the litter at 4.5 lbs.  As she has grown, she has blossomed into a strong female leader – often butting heads with her sister who is easily double her size!  She is looking more like her mama every day with her pale tan ears, sandy forehead and a new white stripe appearing between her eyes.  She is very small but doesn’t let that stop her.  She refuses to be lost in the shuffle when she plays with the other dogs in her foster home.  She wants to try to do everything they do…but she is smart enough to step back if the risk seems too great.  She is not ready to jump off the mountainous back step leading into the yard - yet.  She stands at the edge though…calculating when she will make her move.  You can almost see her weighing her options.  She has a moment of fear when she is first picked up & can be wiggly in her panic.  But she soon realizes that she is being held with love and her panic turns to joy as she beats you on the face with her tiny paws and showers your face with kisses.  She has not been tested with cats.

Storm has a tiny stub of a tail – with a copper raindrop kiss right at its base.  This same tail is on her mama and her brother Havoc.  Family trait that adds to her uniqueness and charm. Her underside is covered in tiny polka dots – she looks like she is wearing some high-end fancy shapewear!   She loves to be held close & secure, cuddled, and adored.  She sleeps for hours with her face buried in her foster mama’s neck while they binge watch Law & Order.  She always wants to be nestled in with her littermates at nap time.  She wants to be around them and she wants to be around people.  She is truly a cuddle-puppy.

As a puppy she is a blank slate – she is a sponge absorbing everything around her at all times.  She is not housebroken, although she is seriously considering coming outside with the other dogs in her foster home and copy what they are doing.  She will need training to be her best self.  Please be patient while she is learning – she is still a baby.  She needs love, attention, and patience.

Storm has been flea/worm treated, microchipped, dewormed, and given all age-appropriate vaccines. We are unable to get her spayed prior to adoption. Therefore we are requiring a spay/neuter contract to be signed at the time of adoption (the cost of her spay is included in the adoption fee and fully explained in the contract). Her adoption fee is $400  

About Storm

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $400
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Fawn
  • Current Age: 3 Months 17 Days
  • Microchipped: Yes

More about Storm

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids, Likes to play with toys, Likes to be in your lap, Playful, Affectionate, Goofy

If you would like to adopt one of our "Pixies" you must fill out an application- it is the first step in the adoption process and we cannot move forward without a completed application.

We initially contact potential adopters via email with any additional questions or concerns.

 As much as we would like to be able to speak to everyone on the phone, it is easier for our volunteers to communicate via email or Text. 

We will call your vet's office for a reference - you must call them and give permission to release information to Pixie Mamas Rescue.

All animals breeds & ages are 'best to our knowledge'

Adoption Fees are Non-Negotiable & Non-Refundable. 


Federal ID Number: 27-0876835

NY State Reg. #:  46-37-20

NYS DOA # - RR143


Other Pictures of Storm (click to see larger version):

Storm Storm

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